Our fully equipped workshop and Factory trained technicians can look after all your servicing needs regardless of make or model. Whether you want a basic oil and filter change or a gold plated service we’ll be happy to tailor the job to your requirements or budget. Always competitive prices quoted.

Suspension Service

Front Forks

Until it gives them a problem most riders don’t even consider how much work their suspension is doing every time you ride out. Over time the fork oil collects dirt and thickens up affecting the damping action of the suspension without the rider really noticing it.

Rear Suspension

Bearings and linkage can slowly and stiffen and seize without the rider being truly aware and also the damping effect of the rear shock(s) can fade away. We can service linkages and advise of shock settings service or replacement to suit your personal needs.

Just like the rest of the bike the forks and rear suspension can really benefit from a service and you WILL notice the difference.

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