We are pleased to announce that we are now Reiju stockists!

Originating from Spain, these are high quality small capacity motorcycles. The engines used in many of these bikes are Minarelli (2 stroke) and Yamaha (4 stroke), whilst the chassis have been designed using CAD and the bikes are manufactured just north of Barcelona. Whilst many learner legal bikes are designed to just get people on the road and do the job, these are definitely a step up.


MRT/MRT Pro & Marathon – 50cc and 125cc – Supermoto style

The MRT Pro 50cc was voted by MCN as “the worlds coolest 50”, and it’s not hard to see why; these are fully spec’d with watercooled 6 speed engines, with most models having upside-down forks. The 125cc variants come with either an air cooled 5 speed motor, or a water cooled 6 speed version (using the same engine as the Yamaha YZF R125). All are compliant with euro 4 regulations.

Strada 125cc

Reiju offer bikes suited to commuting, as well as small capacity sports bikes. The Strada is equipped with electronic ignition and a balancer shaft to reduce vibrations and make for an economic and comfortable ride.

The two variants of bikes shown are only a small selection of the extensive range. Please get in touch to find out more!

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